Spedimar is an association that represents more than 100 freight forwarders companies for a total of approximately 1400 employees.
All the members united compose the Assembly of the associates, any member has a vote for the election of the Directive Council, the election of others organs (the Auditors’ College and the Probiviri ’ College), and in all the other cases as provided in the statute.
The Directive Council is elected for a period of 3 years, it has a variable number of members (the Assembly decide the number during the election procedure for the Council); the Council vote a President and a Vice President among its members.
The President, who represents the association, has executive functions about the decisions of the Assembly, the Council and the other organs of the association.

Inside the Directive Council a commissions can be created in order to deal specific subject. The commissions are composed by the members of Council (sometimes other can join the commissions if some are particularly experience in subject) and supported by the Secretary.
Actually the main commissions are.

  • Port Authority
  • Companies & terminals
  • Custom and Guardia di Finanza
  • Steamship Agents & Ship owners
  • Local institutions & School
  • Trade Union Organization
  • Usage and Customs
  • Road houlage
  • Health & Veterinary services
  • Harbour Master Office

The Secretary is the head of the Administrative Office of the association, he is selected and named by the Directive Council.
Other Spedimar organs, elected by the Assembly, are: the Auditors’ College and the Provibiri’ College.
The former controls the budgets of the association, the latter is competent in case of violation of statute from members of association.

Spedimar joins Fedespedi (Italian Freight Forwarding companies Federation) and joins Confetra (Italian Confederation of Traffics and Logistic), these memberships guarantee the support of national organizations to the action of the association, in such a way Spedimar strength its position towards all the authorities and it can point out local problems on a national scale of debate.
Joining Confetra Spedimar can be represented in:

  • National Council of work and economy
  • Central Committee for the Transporters
  • CLECAT (Comité de Liaison Europeen des Commissionnaires et Auxiliaires de Transport)
  • FIATA (Federation International des Associations des Transitaires et Assimiles)



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